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4 clinics have served over 7,400 patients with donated services of $4,412,508.00

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KENNETH D. OWEN NCMOM-Charlotte Media Links

 A Window into the Past

2016 Clinic Links

Charlotte Observer kindly assists NCMOM-Charlotte in volunteer recruitment and patient notification Charlotte Observer

WBTV's John Carter pursues NCMOM-Charlotte's need for volunteers of all kinds

WCCBWCCB's Terrance Bates helps launch NCMOM-Charlotte's volunteer drive

Kenneth D. Owen NCMOM-Charlotte getting the word out for the December 2016 clinic with WBTV's John Carter

Dr. Michael Stout asks for community support in the way of volunteers

2014 Clinic Links

Read the Observer's piece on dental "access to care", featuring NCMOM-Charlotte The Charlotte Observer article

WBTV's Maureen O'Boyle reviews the 2014 clinic's ambitions and volunteer needs

1110WBT107.9 The Link!Charlotte's Morning News' Jim Szoke gets the word out for patients and volunteers alike

The Charlotte Observer makes a plea for volunteers on behalf of NCMOM-Charlotte The Charlotte Observer article

1110WBT107.9 The Link!WBT radio's public service announcement on behalf of NCMOM-Charlotte

NCMOM CharlotteNCMOM-Charlotte 2014 Press Release

WBTV catches up with NCMOM stalwart, Eileen Clark

WBTV's John Carter talks "volunteers!!" with NCMOM-Charlotte

2011 and 2012 Clinic Links

WBTV's Maureen O'Boyle captures NCMOM-Charlotte's current needs

1110WBTListen to our public service announcements, courtesy of the fine folks at 1110 WBT AM radio. Spot 1 | Spot 2

FlickrFaces of NCMOM-Charlotte, courtesy of Kinsley Gregory Mull

NCMOM CharlotteDr. Scott Goodman, caught on video (via phone) during a TV interview, shares what it is all about

Read the Observer's FRONT PAGE story, published the morning NCMOM-Charlotte opened for patients The Charlotte Observer article

Read the Observer's FRONT PAGE coverage of NCMOM-Charlotte, during the clinic The Charlotte Observer article

WSOCTVRead about WSOC-TV's assessment of the effort, during clinic preparations

PRLOGRead's coverage from the clinic floor

YouTubeWatch this YouTube "Amateur Video" taken live from the clinic from the perspective of a NC Dental Laboratory Association volunteer to gain a sense of the size and scope of NCMOM-Charlotte.

Read NCMOM-Charlotte's "thank you" to the Charlotte community from the Observer's "Letters to the Editor" section, a month after the clinic The Charlotte Observer article

Ambassador Eileen Clark, RDH brings some class to an NCMOM-Charlotte interview on WBTV News

See our coverage by WBTV's Maureen O'Boyle on WBTV News 3

1110WBTListen to our coverage on 1110AM WBT radio with Alan Tyson on Stacey Simms' Health Headlines, The Show

Read About KENNETH D. OWEN NCMOM-Charlotte in The Charlotte Post Charlotte Post

See NCMOM-Charlotte's coverage in The Charlotte Observer article